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International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Looking for information about Collaborative Practice? Look no further - this is an excellent source of information for everything related to Collaborative Law.

Community Legal Education Ontario

This website contains a number of useful and informative booklets on family law issues. Most of the booklets are free and can be downloaded or ordered through the site.

Collaborative Practice Toronto

An explanation of the collaborative law process as well as a list of lawyers in Toronto and the surrounding area who belong to the association.

Legal Aid Ontario

The legal aid website contains handy information concerning eligibility for legal aid and limitations on the scope of services provided.

Your Law: Family Law Ontario

Information and resources about child custody, access, and child support for parents who are separated or thinking of separating, as well as information on Non-Parent Custody Applications and resources to help children live with separation and divorce.

Government of Ontario: Changing Surname Information

Many women wish to change their name after a divorce, but the government changes the regulations and the forms concerning name changes on a regular basis and many lawyers are not up-to-date on the most recent regulations. This is a very useful website that explains a fairly straightforward process in a fairly straightforward way.

Department of Justice Canada

For information on the Divorce Act and federal child support guidelines.

The Ontario Association for Family Mediation

If you want information on mediators and the mediation process, we recommend you visit this site.

Ministry of the Attorney General

An information site concerning the Ontario Justice System, including some court decisions (if you delve deeply enough and know the name of the case you are looking for).

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